The Topless Tour


I have gotten a few inquiries about the tour I’ve embarked on, so I figured I’d use this page to give it some explanation. I first heard about the #TheToplessTour from my roommate in 2014 who said it seemed right up my alley. She obviously wasn’t wrong. To date, I’ve done it in 10 states, 2 Bahamian islands, Bermuda, the Gulf Stream, the Gulf of Mexico, and in all four seasons. It started as an Instagram movement with the motto: “Feel the freedom, share your beauty to the world.” From their website:

“The Topless Tour continues to connect women from every corner of the globe in bodily action, triumph and liberation. This experience encourages women to turn there back to the camera and bare their chest to beautiful places and moments they encounter. The media is infamous for shaming bodies and what we do is a celebration of ourselves, our achievements and the beautiful world we live in.”

We very unfortunately live in a world where we constantly compare ourselves to others; we’re given a standard of beauty and forget to see the allure found in our differences. We also forget that we frequently see someone’s finished product, not the bed head with yesterdays makeup schmears. So joining the tour was a way to encourage friends and whoever happens to follow my Instagram to take pride in themselves and flaunt what they got, short, tall, skinny, curves…to see the beauty in all shapes and sizes.

It’s also a great excuse to let nature tempt us into its grasp. I’ve said that I find myself in the sea, but lose myself in the woods…but neither can happen if I’m stuck inside or hanging in the city. We need the wild only found in the great outdoors to remind us of the beautiful world we live in. I flew over the mountains of Colorado recently and could only stare in wonder as the gorgeous snowcapped peaks, green trees, and shadowed valleys slowly turned into the sand toned colors of the Nevada desert (yes, I realize Utah is in between). Nature calls to me in a way that a city never will, the topless tour is a convenient excuse to get outside and it reminds me to share myself with the world.

I’ve even managed to drag a few friends along for the ride. One recently quipped, “I always end up naked with you” as we were standing on top of a mountain…and while in this instance, they meant it literally, it can also be said that the topless tour helps you be open and transparent with people in a way that you normally wouldn’t. So find yourself some friends that want to go explore the world and take their tops off with you – or at least will take the picture and tell you how to pose. 😛