Photo by Mark Russell

Hey there! My friend over at KatieWanders.com did a #FridayIntroduction on her instagram and encouraged me to do one as well…figured it would work well for an about me as well! So here we go…I’m a full-time hydrographer/field engineer, webmistress (shoutout to SECONN Divers!), frequent flyer, scuba diver, knitter, hiker, topless tour lover, and soon to be skier. Someone once described me as sunshine and rainbows and was rebutted with “no, she’s sarcasm, stout, and rum”…take that as you will. haha. My sister says I swagger, I’ve been called a mother hen more than once, and I’ve been told I’m pretty photogenic, which is surprising since I’m covered in muck and mud more often than not. I have a lead foot and prefer to be behind the wheel, but I’m learning how to hang on and enjoy the ride. Mountains call to me as much as the depths as the sea…but one is considerably easier on my asthma. People assume I’m an extrovert, but I’m pretty classically an ambivert. I love being around people, but don’t be surprised if I’m just sitting there soaking it all in.