While hanging at one of the local dive bars in downtown Mystic, a friend’s roommate looked at me and said that I wouldn’t understand [something] because I wasn’t a competitive person. I thought my friend (and roommate at the time), Lija, was gonna jump down his throat when she said well clearly you don’t know Corey that well. And that sports wasn’t the only place a competitive nature manifested itself. (Paraphrased of course because it’s been like four years since this happened) So this tale isn’t so much about someone intentionally challenging me, but sparking the idea to challenge myself.

On July 18th, I was hanging with one Scott T. Santa when he began to rectify my (to some) sub-standard movie education. First up was the Shining…and yea, I know you’re probably thinking “who hasn’t seen the Shining? It’s such a classic!”, well this gal hadn’t seen it during the 30 years she’s been a part of this planet. Now, as all of you know him, I’m sure you’re aware of his love for hoodies. So during the scene where Danny is seen walking around with his iconic Apollo 11 sweater on, Scott mentioned how he loved that hoodie, which sparked the “well isn’t it a sweater” comment, which was followed by “well, yea, but I’d still wear the shit outta it”… Unbeknownst to him, that triggered my competitive side…that “oh you would, huh?” part of me. So while still watching The Shining, I consulted with the mighty Google and found a pattern. Now the pattern definitely reads like instructions from an English as a third language human being…but it was a decent starting point (Thanks to the Google and Etsy).

So the next day you would’ve found me standing in the Michael’s yarn aisle searching for the perfect threads…which doesn’t sound hard…until you’re standing in that aisle. There are a seemingly bazillion different thread thicknesses, colors, and fabrics. It’s almost as terrifying as the shampoo aisle. So I started with the thread thickness…the pattern called for a thinner yarn, but bump that noise (smaller yarn = smaller knits = more time). But I found one that would work AND it came in the correct colors I needed (or daggone close enough for government work). It’s also a lovely soft material (yes, you would’ve absolutely found me rubbing it against my cheek to check its wearability/comfort level). Now, if you know me at all, when I get projects like this…it’s all I want to do. Sleep? Not a thing. House cleaning? Not a thing. Haha. BUT, I think I’ve done a decent job of keeping my obsessive nature in that respect to a minimum – meaning I’ve gotten plenty of sleep and my house is clean. *EDIT: that whole keeping a reign on my obsessive nature lasted for the whole back of the sweater…and SWIFTLY disappeared when I got to the fun front designed part…

The pattern has you starting with the back, which is definitely the most boring component of the whole project. However, I’d rather have to tear the back apart if it was too big/too small, etc than the front or sleeves which are a little more intensive. I learned how to knit as a kid, but was AWFUL. My mom can attest. But one day while living on Golf Street in Groton (with the aforementioned Lija), I decided I would reteach myself. Since then I’ve made hats and scarves, but that’s it (unless you count the pair of socks I made mom that still aren’t fully finished…). And it was always with one skein…this one would involve five different skeins that you’re working with at the same time. The front and sleeves involve this technique called intarsia – this is the first time I’ll be attempting it. It’s basically just a way to weave in the different colors for the pattern without having to tie a bunch in for each row. More on that later…

So shoutout to Annie for telling me to blog about this journey…more will be on the way. This is already a well-traveled sweater…having been started in Connecticut, traveling to Texas then Colorado and westward on my road trip. It’s seen the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Gulf of Mexico…but like I said, more on that later. 🙂


The sweater didn’t see too much advancement while in Colorado for I wasn’t there long. But I was that weirdo standing at the bus station knitting in the middle of the day while I waited for Aaron to pick me up. (But honestly, if you were to try something nefarious, I highly doubt you’d pick the girl with the wooden death sticks haha)


After a day of adventure traveling through south western Wyoming, we settled by the Grand Tetons for the night. We woke up to THE most magnificent views (thanks again to Fox and Mel for that find!) – so Lija decided to draw/paint and I sat and knitted. Because is there anything more relaxing than sitting on a mountainside as the sun rises? The “silence” of nature broken by bird songs and the wind (and the occasional barking dog or tittering chipmunk). Some definitely progress was made while viewing those magnificent mountains. Honestly I think Lija and I could’ve stayed there all day…but the Sawtooth Mountains were also calling, so we eventually left this little slice of heaven and headed towards Jackson.


The “sneaky epic” state of our trip, the SSS saw some progress while I was sitting in Sun Valley with a babbling brook in the background and one (if not both) of the dogs by my feet. Aaron found this spot using the Campendium app (if you adventure at all and don’t have this helpful tool, rectify that right now). We sat in the valley just far enough away from Ketchum to seem to be in total seclusion…except we all had full bars of service for our phone which was basically unseen the rest of the trip out! Aaron had work meeting the next morning and was able to do it from our campsite…so Lija and I enjoyed a lazy night and morning…aka I got some progress down on the back of the sweater.


I think my favorite tale of the sweater is that I’m 100% sure that people assumed I was a local at Cannon Beach in Oregon because I was sitting and knitting. I think I had 3-4 different groups/people come up and ask me for information (things like “where can you ride horses here”, “what’s the best place to eat”, “is this this spot from the Goonies”, so on and so forth). Apparently it’s not a touristy thing to do lol. However, it was the most relaxing thing I could’ve done that day! It was the start of my trip back to Denver (i.e. back to the “real” world)…the adventure was by no means over, but it was on it’s downward spiral.


On Wednesday, August 7th, I was finishing up the last leg of my 10 day road trip and thought I was flying to Texas on Thursday, August 8th (aka less than 24 hours later) to continue working in the Gulf. Until a call from my boss had me rerouting myself to the good ‘ole 860! This last minute change in itinerary allowed me to travel to Vermont with Scott and his friend Allie (and all the little black dingos!) for a lovely end to my road trip. I think I was in Connecticut for all of 25 hours haha. I don’t think I took a picture…but I was still working on the back of the sweater, and decided it could pass off as a baby blanket, so I’d use the down time and work on it up there. In front of the eventual recipient. XD So while sitting on the front porch and listening to the summer rain fall outside, I continued to knit. And then I continued to knit for the drive back to my parents house, where I continued to knit it at my sister’s house. Her cats took a keen interest in it…unsurprisingly. haha.


Finished my first skein and added a second! Relatively painless process once I figured out how to do it…thanks again Google!
This is what happens when they don’t spool the yarn together correctly…you pull the main thread and it totally rats nests on ya…

Headed home via Plane:


Then I realized I’d messed it up and ripped it all out…

Stuck in 95N traffic after leaving Alex + Annie’s

I messed up ALOT…but I mostly learned from the mistakes lol


New Orleans:

Back in the 860:

Onto the Sleeves…and back to Louisiana:

I think I’m hilarious…

Weather Days in Louisiana:

Allllmost there! (I promise I had pants on lol)

Following the theme…it was back to the bayou…

And finally it was gifted!

Some of the things I did and places I visited while knitting!

1 Season of Jessica Jones
1 Surface Interval @ Folly Cove
1 Hang with Alex Williams
7 Flights (?)
5 Airports
Chicago Midway (2x)
San Antonio
1 Boulder Bus Station
1 Tour de France viewing
In view of the Tetons (WY)
In front of a fire in Sun Valley (ID)
Beside Pettit Lake (ID)
In front of Haystack Rock (Cannon Beach) (OR)
At 720 Greengate Road
Drive home from VT
1 Hang @ Fox’s for Annie’s birthday
1 Hang with Alex, Annie, and Brian
7 The Boys episodes
2 Days of Fills/Inv aboard the HF Stout

Start the back
1 Days of Fills/Inv aboard the HF Stout
1 Season of Lucifer
2 Seasons of The Sinner
1 Hang with Cait
1 Season of the Mindhunter
1 Serious Traffic Jam on 95N
3 bow post-shifts
2 shifts
Reagan Airport
2 flights
1 trip from MSY to Intracoastal City
2 seasons of The Killing
2 trips from Intracoastal City to Bayou House
1 Episode of some podcast about Shaw & Hobbs
MSY > BWI > PVD including drive time
Time at home
PVD > BWI > MSY plus drive

Start the Sleeves
Day on the Stout 8x
Weather Days 4x
2 Season of Heroes
2 Episodes of Watchmen
More that I didn’t write down

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