The “Nest of Texas”

I first ventured into the Lone Star State in January for a conference, while we were there, I learned that it there are hundreds of species of birds that call that portion of the coast home…and many, many more that migrate through. It’s quite literally a bird-watchers paradise and is known as the “Nest of…


Maine is the place synonymous with relaxation. Add in diving and it’s essentially nirvana.

Diving Scapa Flow, Scotland

From May 1 to May 11, I embarked on a whirlwind trip across the pond to the Orkney Islands. It was an absolutely amazing trip both on land and under the sea. We were graced with some pretty good weather (though I could’ve done without all the wind) and the trip had a delightful slow pace to it.

Chilly Dives in March

A review of that dive: it was cold, and dark, and we saw a worm. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. – Dan

Dive Days of (Almost) December

November 24, 2018  @ 11:25 & 13:16 It’s always a sad day when I turn my dive computer on and it tells me that my surface interval has been 34 days (really anything more than 24 hours is a bummer ha!). As the weather gets colder it becomes increasingly harder to find dive buddies that…

Adventure in Your Own Backyard Pt. 3

I think one of the things I’ve begun to appreciate now that I fall into the frequent traveler category is the meaning of home sweet home. Because really there is no place like home.

Adventure in Your Own Backyard Pt. 2

The posts of this summer will be a little out of order…usually dependent on how many pictures I need to sort through. But eventually they will all appear! Having said that…here’s a quick feature on this past weekend. After spending a good chunk of the summer surrounded by saltwater, I needed to get away and…

Tried and True

August 15, 2018 w/ Dan Merry 20min |  69ºF (min) 76ºF (max) | 14.7ft (avg) 17.0ft (max) | 16/50 dives for the year 44min |  70ºF (min) 75ºF (max) | 13.4ft (avg) 16.0ft (max) | 17/50 dives for the year Home again, home again, jiggity jig! After 35 days of working 6pm to 6am, it…