Chilly Dives in March

A review of that dive: it was cold, and dark, and we saw a worm. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. – Dan

Wondertwins Go West: Day Two

Unsurprisingly, Cait was up with the sun, while I slept like a log through the sun streaming through our windows. Her pictures are pretty sweet…however, no regrets on getting that extra shut eye! After a lazy early morning, we headed right up the street to the Golden Gate Canyon State Park.

Wondertwins Go West: Day One

When your boss walks in and says, nows the time to take vacation if you want it…everything is frozen (literally!), you definitely take them up on it! So under the grey skies of a long-awaited winter storm, Cait and I left Bradley International Airport and headed to Colorado.

Hike at Devil’s Hopyard State Park

Today was one of those weirdly wonderful (yet awful for the environment) winter days were the temperatures hovered in the high 40s and you could feel the sun’s warmth through the trees. I joined Katie (from KatieWanders) for a quick hike through Devil’s Hopyard State Park in East Haddam, CT. Considering the fact that it’s…

Dive Days of (Almost) December

November 24, 2018  @ 11:25 & 13:16 It’s always a sad day when I turn my dive computer on and it tells me that my surface interval has been 34 days (really anything more than 24 hours is a bummer ha!). As the weather gets colder it becomes increasingly harder to find dive buddies that…

Adventure in Your Own Backyard Pt. 3

I think one of the things I’ve begun to appreciate now that I fall into the frequent traveler category is the meaning of home sweet home. Because really there is no place like home.

Adventure in Your Own Backyard Pt. 2

The posts of this summer will be a little out of order…usually dependent on how many pictures I need to sort through. But eventually they will all appear! Having said that…here’s a quick feature on this past weekend. After spending a good chunk of the summer surrounded by saltwater, I needed to get away and…

Tried and True

August 15, 2018 w/ Dan Merry 20min |  69ºF (min) 76ºF (max) | 14.7ft (avg) 17.0ft (max) | 16/50 dives for the year 44min |  70ºF (min) 75ºF (max) | 13.4ft (avg) 16.0ft (max) | 17/50 dives for the year Home again, home again, jiggity jig! After 35 days of working 6pm to 6am, it…