Since I was a child, my family has vacationed in Coastal Maine – on Georgetown Island to be exact. The time til our destination was known by the landmarks…Polie (at Poland Springs), the big Green Bridge, Bath Iron Works, the “singing bridge”, til finally we arrived “home”. Idyllic summer days were spent exploring tide pools on the rocky shore or shifting through the sand in search of the coveted blue pieces of sea glass (for which I have a TERRIBLE eye…all the other colors I can find though, but I will walk by a blue piece EVERY. TIME. sigh.).

As time goes by, the length of time changes…last year it was double the year before that and this year was half again. But every time brings about a relaxing reset to life that can’t be obtained anywhere else. The last few years I’ve added another level of relaxation to my Maine trips – I started diving up there. I found a buddy online and the rest is history. We’ve met up every year since and had some wonderful dives, coastal Maine is honestly some of my favorite diving.

This year we decided to go to Marshall Point Light in Port Clyde. The last two years, I’ve gotten the delightful privilege of going to Maine again in September for hang with Pete and crew at his family’s cabin. So I’d been to the site before, but on those occasions we walk off the “front lawn” into the ocean, this time we had to lug our gear from the lighthouse parking lot, across the lawn, and down the beach first. I was joined by one of my coworkers who was vacationing in Bar Harbor with his family…it was his first dive in New England, so I was hoping for good conditions. And we got some! Not the best, but for New England, it was still pretty daggone good. 🙂

Lobsters weren’t as plentiful as I’ve seen, but they were just as feisty! Between shooting between my legs and flashing their claws at me, they definitely made it known that we were on their territory! Lots of small juvenile Cunner and a few adults. As far as fish goes, I saw mostly small stuff, including a whole bunch of teeny flatfish! There were also plenty of miniscule Sculpin – Chip saw an adult, but they evaded my eye.

Diving at Marshall Point Light can vary depending on what portion of the site you’re on. Right at the light you’ll find boulder and rocks covered with huge fronds of kelp. Moving with the waves, it can be a little nauseating, but the critters that hide in and amongst the seaweeds make it worth it! Towards the harbor, you’ll find less kelp and more rockweed species. The substrate turns from boulders to crushed shells and sand; as you continue towards the harbor or into the channel it’s more of a silty substrate. But you’ll find some fun creatures at any spot, no matter which way you head!

And as I always say, any day in the water is a good day in my book. A day in the waters of Maine? Simply the best. Happy Diving!

Dive Stats:

40min |  56ºF (min) 63ºF (max) | 13.1ft (avg) 19.3ft (max)

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