CAL Falls in Love with the Mountains: Day Five

After spending a few weeks in the HEAT of Texas, I’m dreaming of snowy days…to back to Colorado we go! Nothing like looking at pictures upon pictures of snow to help you escape the memories of sweat drenched days and nights (the low is stil high 70s).

March 6: After a few days characterized by “early” mornings and jam-packed days, it was nice to have a laidback one. The first picture I took of the day was from 09:55…I won’t say that was the time we got up, but neither will I deny it (and if we’re being honest, it was probably just the time I got up to use the bathroom…not when I actually got out of bed haha).

The views in this state are unbelievable and can’t be captured in a picture.

And finally! Here’s a picture of the two dogs who might as well be small horses! I spent a lot of time snugging with the dogs on this trip…very little that could’ve made me a happier gal. haha.

In a true lazy day way, we had breakfast for lunch (while still rocking sleepwear…because real pants are overrated and I avoid them at all costs). Then I spent some more time with the doggos while Pete puttered around cleaning up/organizing. After washing the truck (seriously, it was the laziest of days), we jumped back into Tim’s Jeep and headed over to the Wing Wagon. Fun spot, good wings, good company. Sometimes vacations take on this frenetic pace that doesn’t fulfill the basic function of a vacation…that is to explore a place outside the normal and just relax. Or at its true base, just to actually relax, not just take the worries of your day to a new place. To be in the moment without having a plan or schedule or worrying about your emails. This day fulfilled that to a t. As such, there aren’t a whole ton of photos or much to be said beyond I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It also helped that cell service was pretty spotty. I know I’m guilty of being attached to my phone…so venturing out to see the world and NOT having the ability or need to connect to the interwebz is something I’m intentionally trying to do this year.

Who says you can’t have an open Jeep drive in the middle of the winter? Thankful for ALL the base layers. 😛 Cuz it was COLD…even with the sun out. But what’s an adventure without a little discomfort?

But eventually the evening arrived and we headed toward Denver to meet Kyle (who had just flown in from California) and Gloria for some drinks at 10 Barrel Brewery (which is another one of those spots that originated in Bend, Oregon). In a beautiful alignment of the universe, I was able to swing a trip where one plane ticket got me to see multiple different friends and have a multitude of adventures.

Friendship is an amazing thing, I met both guys in CT; Kyle moved to CA and met his gf Gloria who then briefly moved and was living in the Colorado at the time Pete moved out there. At times, distance seems insurmountable, but a plane ride and a beer and it’s as if no time at all has passed.

We enjoyed the Bob Fett-a pizza (for obvious reasons) and I had the brewery’s S1NIST0R black ale. Both were delightful, but it was the company that truly made the night fly by. Gloria is once again in California…pretty sure you can guess were one of my next adventures will be. 😛 But before we knew it, snow was once again falling, so Pete and I decided to head back up the mountain. Which was a solid decision…because it was SNOWING. The type of blinding snow featured in movies where someone is driving through the mountains in the dark and gets eaten by a Yeti…but the mystery surrounding their death is never solved, because really? A yeti? Who’d believe that! Haha. I’ve driven in some outrageous snow storms before…but this was the first time the reality of driving off a mountain side was real. Definitely a testament to my faith in his driving abilities that I wasn’t totally freaking the heck out….if you know me at all, you understand that I 10/10 prefer to be the one in control. haha. But one of the things I’ve been working on it to sit back and enjoy the ride…and I think I’m getting better! haha. We eventually made it safely back to Joan’s and headed right to club bed. Relaxing days can be tiring!

Up Next: the Continental Divide, Winter Park, and the time we “only almost died”.

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