Diving Scapa Flow, Scotland

From May 1 to May 11, I embarked on a whirlwind trip across the pond to the Orkney Islands. It was an absolutely amazing trip both on land and under the sea. We were graced with some pretty good weather (though I could’ve done without all the wind) and the trip had a delightful slow pace to it. Having said that…I’ll post more about the actual adventures later. I keep getting requests for “MORE PHOTOS”…so here you go! I took a LOT of photos, but the best/my favorites are below. Keep in mind these wrecks are HUGE, so in order to get good imagery of the actual wrecks, you’d need better visibility and lighting coordination than we had. BUT under all the critters is a piece of history. Enjoy.

SMS Karlsruhe

Dive Stats: 33 minutes | 85.3ft (max) | 48.5ºF

SMS Markgraf

Dive Stats: 32 minutes | 128.1ft (max) | 47.9ºF

SMS Dresden

Dive Stats: 41 minutes | 101.4ft (max) | 48.1ºF

SMS Kronprinz Wilhelm

Dive Stats: 32 minutes | 117.8ft (max) | 48.4ºF

SMS König

Dive Stats: 31 minutes | 114.9ft (max) | 49.1ºF

SMS Cöln

Dive Stats: 32 minutes | 109.5ft (max) | 49.3ºF

SMS Brummer

Dive Stats: 28 minutes | 101.7ft (max) | 51.1ºF

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