Wondertwins Go West: Day Two

70+ miles driven (140+ miles trip total)

Unsurprisingly, Cait was up with the sun, while I slept like a log through the sun streaming through our windows. Her pictures are pretty sweet…however, no regrets on getting that extra shut eye! After a lazy early morning and breakfast at the AirBnb, we headed right up the street to the Golden Gate Canyon State Park. It’s the second largest state park in Colorado and has another gain of around 200ft from our AirBnb – glad we did the water and advil the day before…no altitude sickness for us! Panoramic Point is famed for its beautiful vista that overlooks Mt. Evans, Longs Peak, and 100 miles of the Continental Divide. But snow continued to fall through the morning so we saw a whole lotta nothing. But what we could see was still beautiful!

We continued on our way and took the long route into Boulder. We made a pit stop in Nederland and visited a couple of the shops along the way. Snow continued to flutter about and coat the cars in white. Lunch was had at James Peak Taproom and Smokehouse. Decent spot for food and drinks if you’re in that area, but not one you’d make a special trek out for. James Peak is a thirteener in the Front Range and is named after Dr. Edwin James who is the first recorded person to (successfully) climb Pikes Peak.

Pullover on the Boulder Pass…lots of snow to be had!

Next up was Boulder Canyon, the pass between Nederland and Boulder (duh haha). A beautiful drive through windy roads – thankfully everyone seemed to have a handle on driving in the snow as the roads were still covered in a few inches of that glorious white stuff. We stopped to snap a quick picture (and to put some distance between us and one annoying car) and then continued on our adventure towards Boulder. Once there, we strolled along the Pearl Street Mall and poked our heads into a few shops. With shops like Fjallraven and Patagonia, it clearly caters to a specific clientele…and my bank account does not fit that bill. Haha.

After killing some time, it was finally time to go visit Bernie, Olive, and Oaken! And by that, I mean Aaron, Jess, and Shane…but we all know how I feel about dogs… Upon arrival, Bern came right over to me, which I’m taking to mean he remembered all our hang times…but it was probably just his nature to get pets from people. Haha. After hanging with the doggos for a little bit, we headed back to the Pearl Street area. We nabbed a pitcher of PBR and played darts at the Sundowner Saloon, then grabbed a quick dinner at a fun little Asian restaurant (whose name I’ve forgotten..), before heading over to Bohemian Biergarten for the Boulder Comedy Club night. Some of the comedians were great, others missed the mark, but it was a delightful night with friends and probably too much laughter from me (we all know my laugh can be a little over the top at times…). After farewells, Cait and I headed back up the snowy mountain for another night in the AirBnB.

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