Adventure in Your Own Backyard Pt. 2

The posts of this summer will be a little out of order…usually dependent on how many pictures I need to sort through. But eventually they will all appear! Having said that…here’s a quick feature on this past weekend.

After spending a good chunk of the summer surrounded by saltwater, I needed to get away and surround myself with the fresh air only a forest can provide. So I rounded up some friends and headed to a sketchy side road that they promised would lead to a pretty sweet camping spot. I was not disappointed! Straddling the Connecticut and Rhode Island border are two fairly large management areas, Pachaug Forest and Arcadia Management Area – we were somewhere in one of them. After bumping along the path for several minutes, the vegetation opened up into a small clearing featuring a large rock wall and a fairly flat, if rocky floor. This site is surrounded by several well maintained trails that bring you to rocky overlooks and picture perfect bodies of water. Living on a boat has pros and cons – one of the cons is that you don’t have very far to stretch your legs and the only incline you might see comes at the mercy of the waves. While at dock we would grab our supplies at Wal-Mart; I honestly put more steps in during that hour than I did the entire rest of the week while at sea. So you can be sure that I thought I was gonna keel over and have an asthma attack the first time we scrambled up the rocky hills…but it felt so good and was so rewarding in the end. At the base of the rock wall lies a giant firepit, honestly it must’ve been built by giants some of the rocks are so big. We scattered two tents and Fox’s Vanagon around the site, but set up shop by the firepit where we spent most of the evening laughing and being the overall weirdos that we are.

It was a little chilly in my tent, but after being in Louisiana, it was a very welcome change. I woke up to the beautiful cacophony that only a forest full of birds can provide. I woke up way earlier than the rest of the gang…I’m still not fully acclimated after being on the 6pm to 6am shift. So I used the time to hang in the hammock and watch the sunrise as it slowly filtered through the leaves. A long while later, once everyone was up and (mostly) packed, we headed off to explore a trail that would lead us to one of the small, but deep ponds. After 15-20 minutes of a very leisurely hike, we found it! After being on the water, but unable to get in it, I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to swim, even if diving wasn’t involved. The water was chilly, but not the freeze your soul cold of spring. It was the perfect cap to a great weekend home.

I only took a few photos, but they do a good job of representing an adventurous weekend. 🙂

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