Take Me Anywhere, I’ll Go

For those of you who don’t know, in April, I traded lab coats and gloves for life preservers, grundéns, and the occasional hard hat. After a year and a half of working as a lab rat (don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the work), I started work at Ocean Surveys, Inc. as a field assistant. There’s no straight forward way to explain what I do, it depends on the day and the job. The easiest way to explain it is to say I (generally) work on the water, and if you know me at all, then you know that water makes me happier than any other environment. Since joining their team, I’ve worked on Long Island, in New Bedford, and in the Gulf of Mexico. I’ve worked with sediment cores, water quality, traipsed through a marsh, “mowed the lawn” for hydrographic work, and then there’s the requisite time at the homebase in Old Saybrook.

Beyond being happy with water, traveling is a integral part of my person (probably passed down from two parents who likes to get a little lost and find new places…). Living out of a hotel takes some getting used to and living on a boat even more so. But each day is a new adventure and chance to experience the beautiful world we live in…even when it’s gross and rainy. lol. And I travel a lot. They told me in the interview that it meant a lot of time away from home, and they weren’t joking. So that’s definitely taken some time to adjust…but on the other hand, it forces me to really enjoy the time I have at home. Last week I was unexpectedly home and managed to see almost 20 friends and went diving three times…and I worked…there was no time wasted. haha.

I’m currently a part of a team working in the Gulf of Mexico…it’s hot and buggy on shore, and everything is big enough to eat me…but the views on the water are outstanding! You can discover new things about yourself all the time…I learned in the Gulf that I get seasick inside. That was NOT pleasant. But after a week the Dramamine finally settled in my system and I was okay…just in time for me to fly home for vacation. haha. I’m currently writing this while listening to the waves crash onto the shore of one of my favorite places on earth, Georgetown Island, Maine.

I’ll post pictures of sunsets and the pesky dolphins at some point in time…but just wanted to give y’all a quick update!

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