Bring me back to the sea!


Dive Stats:

28 min  | 48°F (at depth) 54°F (at surface)  | 15ft depth | 2/50 dives for the year

In 2016, I had this wonderful schedule that allowed me to dive whenever I desired…I was living paycheck to paycheck, but my dive log was getting filled. Then in 2017, I got a “big girl” job that sucked up all of my dive time; I think I logged something like 25 dives…and when you consider many of those dives were on multi-dive days, there were less than 20 dive days. And sure, to some people that may be alot…but back in 2016 there were days when I was diving 5 out of 7 days…and that’s not counting my time diving at Survival Systems.

Anyway, I say all that to bring back the point that 2018 is gonna be my year of local diving again. Or at least, getting back into the regular diving scene. Momma Nature wasn’t playing nice January through most of April, but I did dive for SECONN’s Frozen Fin…it’s not often that you gain feeling when you go in  the water. However, when the air temp feels like -9°F and the water is in the 40s, there’s a sweet relief to finally get beneath the surface and out of the wind!

Yesterday, Eric and I managed to snag some free time and headed over to Stonington Point. Air temp was 50°F and WINDY. The sun was low on the horizon, but blocked by clouds. Some decent waves on the beach, but nothing big enough to deter us. We both just wanted to get in the water and to test out our new cameras. But as life seems to go, my camera worked on land and then froze somewhere between there and the water (no worries, it’s still alive and well), so I didn’t get to actually test my camera. BUT I got in the water, which is arguably just as satisfying.

As most New England dives go, you never know which of the many situations you might find yourself in…negative vis? great vis? land of the ice and snow? lots of life? the dive site changes day to day. Turns out we landed on a day of decent vis, but marked by seaweed. And a lot of it. We tooled around in the rocks for awhile, spotted an abundance of spider crabs, a couple Cunner, various sessile critters (including coral and tunicates), a teeny tiny Sculpin, a Grubby, and a Northern Pipefish! All but the Cunner were hiding amongst the seaweed, which made spotting them quite the fun hunt! Excited for the summer – my goal is 50 dives for the year (but hopefully I’ll surpass it). My schedule is gonna be pretty wonky this year with my new job…but I’m ready for the challenge.

Happy Diving!

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