Diving and Dancing

There were days when I dreamed of having a steady 9 to 5…then I got one (well it was a 11 to 7, but you get the point) and all I dream about is the weekend. haha. Of course, it doesn’t help that some days are 6 hour days and some are 12. However, it tends to make the fun to be had on the weekend so much sweeter.

Yesterday I finally got the do laundry, oh the joys of adulthood. And I cleaned the bathroom and my fridge AND my garden. And I enjoyed every moment of it. Having said that, after all the “chores” were done, I headed out to Fort Wetherill in Jamestown, Rhode Island for a dive.  I joined Mark and Luke for a deep dive – aside from it being lowtide, we couldn’t have asked for better conditions! Beautiful calm water for our entry…just a long walk through shallow water over precariously slippery boulders. Easy peasy.


Visibility was a little spotty and light penetration wasn’t the best, but with the help of our lights and a reel we had a fantastic dive. The battery on my camera has gone the way of the dinosaurs, so I’ll link some pictures, but none are mine. But the rocks were covered with beautifully colored Frilled Anemones, coral, colonies of hydroids, bright orange Blood Stars, Spiral Tufted bryozoans, and more. Peaking from beneath the rocks were lobsters galore! None of a mature size, but fun to find. Their bright red colors are a distinct contract to the grey, brown, and tans of the surrounding substrate. I could easily spend a whole dive just looking at the creatures inhabiting one rock…but we kept moving and made it down to 70 feet before we hit our turn around air pressure. I actually hadn’t seen a single sea star on the whole dive down, but as soon as we turned around I kept seeing them with every fin kick…selective sight on the way down I guess!


Dive Stats:

34 minutes | 40 ft (average), 70 ft (max) | 65ºF at depth

Divers Cove out of Essex, CT was hosting a BBQ, so we headed over and joined the rest of the crew on the other side of the dive site. I didn’t take a headcount, but there was a great turnout! After enjoying a burger and a cold brew, I headed over to the Ocean Mist in Matunuck to see my friend Dan’s band, Bella’s Bartok. My whole body hurts we danced so hard.

Photo by Hillary Kenyon

I missed them the last few times they were around so I was super excited to finally get to see them again! There’s nothing quite like dancing around to their music…I could’ve done without the smelly, drunk people…but that’s part of the atmosphere I guess. haha. Seriously, get yourself to one of their concerts if you ever have the chance! You will have sweat pouring off you two songs into their set, but you’ll also have the time of your life. Until the drunk girls bump into you…but I learned how to throw elbows at a young age. lol.


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  1. Pop says:

    Not sure how I’ve missed as many of your posts but, I love hearing about your adventures! As long as they don’t involve Carcharodon carcharias!


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