Fall has arrived in New England!

It’s been cold and dreary the last few days…but that didn’t stop us from heading out to Fort Wetherill for a couple dives this morning. But make no mistake…I FROZE MY BUTT OFF during the second dive. Last Sunday the water clocked in at 69ºF…today it had dropped to 64ºF. I guess that’s my cue to break out the 7mm suit and move up to the 5mm or 7mm gloves (basically the higher the number, the greater warmth/protection from the elements that it can provide).

So anywho…I’ve been really slacking on the picture taking…so here’s a picture I took at Avery Point on Saturday…similar to the sight I was given as I drove to Rhode Island from Manchester this morning.


Two more dives down (11 to go to 100!)…nothing too spectacular, though we had some really good visibility in the shallows. And I saw a fish I’ve never seen and have yet to figure out what it was…but I’m the master of the internet search – once I pin it down, I’ll post a picture. My dive buddy commented that she’d never seen me swim so fast as when I was following this particular fish. haha. It’s mostly true…I like to relax while diving, free floating is pretty awesome.

Which brings me to my pro-tip of the post: if you move between fresh and saltwater environments (say a pool and the ocean), check your weight belt between dives. For the last few (like 10…) dives, I’ve thought I was a little extra buoyant. I figured I’d lost some muscle mass or something and dealt with it. Today I happened to actually glance at my belt. And noticed that it only contained 6lbs…when I normally wear 8lbs. haha. Mystery solved! But good to know that I can control myself when I’m underweighted and not have anyone think I’m a total newb. And you may think that two pounds shouldn’t matter that much…but it does. It totally does.

We also saw a skate! I haven’t seen once since I only had like 15 dives under my belt so I was pretty excited. 🙂 He was pretty well camouflaged, but not enough for me to pass by!

Now I need to go wash my gear and take my “post-dive nap”…which is really just sleep. 😉

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