C.A.L. Goes West Pt. 1

First days of the Westward Trip for the HappilyEmvorAfter wedding! Popo Agie Falls, Wyoming, and Stars

CAL Falls in Love with the Mountains: Day Six

Working a job where most days we meet for 05:30-06:00, I’m no stranger to early mornings. But that doesn’t mean I like them (read: I don’t. At all). So a nice lazy morning where we leave the house after 09:00? Totally cool in my book. After saying goodbye to the ladies, we jumped in the…

CAL Falls in Love with the Mountains: Day Five

After spending a few weeks in the HEAT of Texas, I’m dreaming of snowy days…to back to Colorado we go! Nothing like looking at pictures upon pictures of snow to help you escape the memories of sweat drenched days and nights (the low is stil high 70s). March 6: After a few days characterized by…

Wondertwins Go West: Day Three

Traffic, Garden of the Gods, and back to Boulder. After mostly snowy skies (no complaints from me) it was a wonderful treat to wake up to clear, sunny skies! FINALLY we could see the mountains that had been so easily shrouded.

Chilly Dives in March

A review of that dive: it was cold, and dark, and we saw a worm. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. – Dan

Wondertwins Go West: Day Two

Unsurprisingly, Cait was up with the sun, while I slept like a log through the sun streaming through our windows. Her pictures are pretty sweet…however, no regrets on getting that extra shut eye! After a lazy early morning, we headed right up the street to the Golden Gate Canyon State Park.

Wondertwins Go West: Day One

When your boss walks in and says, nows the time to take vacation if you want it…everything is frozen (literally!), you definitely take them up on it! So under the grey skies of a long-awaited winter storm, Cait and I left Bradley International Airport and headed to Colorado.

Hike at Devil’s Hopyard State Park

Today was one of those weirdly wonderful (yet awful for the environment) winter days were the temperatures hovered in the high 40s and you could feel the sun’s warmth through the trees. I joined Katie (from KatieWanders) for a quick hike through Devil’s Hopyard State Park in East Haddam, CT. Considering the fact that it’s…