Wondertwins Go West: Day One

(Created using http://myflightbook.com/)
70+ miles driven

When your boss walks in and says, nows the time to take vacation if you want it…everything is frozen (literally!), you definitely take them up on it! So under the grey skies of a long-awaited winter storm, Cait and I left Bradley International Airport and headed to Colorado. Despite the snowy skies, there were no delays and mostly smooth skies. Thanks to a nonstop flight from Southwest we were in the plains of Colorado in no time! We arrived in the Centennial State to mostly clear skies and only moderately chilly temperatures. After grabbing my checked bag, we headed over to Enterprise and picked up an adorably compact Hyundai Kona SUV – all I wanted was a AWD or 4WD vehicle and this little cutie certainly would prove its mettle against the twisty mountain roads of Golden! Unfortunately, it was white…and ended up being covered in sand and mud by end of the day. haha.

After a short ride across the flat plains surrounding the airport, we arrived in the city. Spied the Mile High Stadium where the Denver Broncos played and enjoy the first tastes of vacation. First stop of the trip would be to Little Machine Brewery in Denver…it met my two requirements: 1) on-site parking (versus street) and 2) FOOD. The beer came in adorable little glasses (we didn’t want to push the altitude affects, which I’ve told can be sneakily brutal) and was pretty tasty.

I had the Gaffer (porter) and Supercharger (DIPA). Tacos from Areyto Puertorrican Food Truck satisfied our hungry tummies. Then we headed off to Antique Row to browse the shops and stretch our legs.

Definitely failed to realize these were butterfly wings…

A few cute, kitschy shops later, we headed off towards Larimer Square…but the lack of easy parking (and let’s be real, simple travel tiredness on our part) had us moving on towards REI. But if we’re being honest, it was 70% because we wanted the Starbucks housed within the warehouse… I managed not to purchase things I don’t necessarily need and Cait tried on a few backpacks, then we headed back to the car…only to find the sky had completely whited itself out and snow was falling at a decent rate. HELLO SNOW. My old friend, I’d missed you! Haha. Snow continued to fall and cover the roads as we made the 1(ish) hour trek to our AirBnB. It was located on the western outskirts of Golden – right on the edge of Golden Gate Canyon State Park. The house boasts an elevation of 9,000ft…it was quite the hike up the mountain! But our little Kona trucked along like a champ – regardless of the 4+ inches of fresh snow that coated the twisty mountain roads. I kept promising Cait that there were beautiful mountains to be seen…but the swirling snow definitely hampered the views.

Our AirBnb belongs to a well-known motivational speaker and his wife (who is a botanist by trade). The house was FILLED with beautiful green plants and aquariums. After arriving, receiving a tour of the house, and guzzling down some water, we immediately crashed. At least, I did. Haha. Apparently, I slept so soundly that I snored…which is an infrequent occurrence. Sorry Cait…

I figured I should break the trip up into days…otherwise it would be one long, twisting novel. Day Two: Nederland + Boulder!

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