Beautiful Evening at the Point

Sidenote: I’m ten away from my 100th dive, and my 2-year scubaversary is two-weeks away…if anyone wants to meet up for a quickie dive at Stonington Point early some morning, let me know. 😉

Stonington Point always has the most stunning sunsets…especially if a storm is about to roll through. And tonight was no exception! I surfaced from my dive to a stunning red sun throwing it’s fading light on the dancing waters. Again, I forgot my underwater camera…but I did remember to take a picture post-dive!


I enjoyed a nice 40 minute dive with one of the new advance open water students…and tested my natural navigation abilities (he was lead diver/navigator). Turns out that if you dive one spot over and over again (49 out of the 90 “official” dives and a few more unofficial ones), you get to know it pretty well and can swim about without the use of a compass. You can spot a rock and know exactly where you are and whether or not your navigator is headed in the right direction. Fortunately for me, my navigator did a pretty good job so I didn’t have to try too hard. haha.

The water is still clocking in around 64ºF, but I didn’t freeze my butt off like yesterday…so I’m not sure what was going on yesterday. But beyond that, I saw a skate! A Winter Skate (Leucoraja ocellata) to be exact. That makes TWO DIVES IN A ROW. Which isn’t super spectacular, except for the fact that I haven’t seen one since my first 10 dives. Everyone always says that they see skates, but I only ever see flounder. However, yesterday and today were both good visibility days and I got to see two male skates…so I’ll count it as awesome dive days.

While I was scouring my ID books late last night (maybe early this morning…?) searching for my mystery fish from yesterday, I discovered that a fish I had seen the week before, which we thought might be a Needlefish, was actually a Guachanche barracuda (Sphyraena guachancho)!  It was a pretty fella…not quite as scary looking as their relative, the Great Barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda)…snorkeled with a couple of those toothy fellas in Bermuda. Think of them like the Great Barracuda being a T-Rex and the Guachanche being a Velociraptor. haha. Both have teeth…one is just much larger. 😛

Headed off to club bed, night y’all!

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